What is Frito-Lays natural initiative?



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    Frito-Lays natural initiative is the announcement by Frito-Lay that it is undergoing a “significant reformulation of its product portfolio that will result in approximately 50 per cent of its products being made with all natural ingredients by the end of this year.”

    A specific stamp on the packages of these snacks will identify the snack as having no MSG, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. From the Frito-Lay website, “ll Frito-Lay snack chips made with natural ingredients start with all-natural corn or potatoes and healthier oils.”

    My opinion:  even though these snacks claim to be natural, it should still be considered whether the corn is genetically modified, how the potatoes were grown (organic?), and if “natural flavors” are used are these truly flavors that occur in nature.

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    As of December 2010, Frito-Lay announced that they will increased the amount of snacks made from all natural ingredients from 30% to 50%. They also intend to remove artificial preservatives from certain snack lines, such as Tostito’s Hint-of-Lime and Lay’s Barbeque. However, there will be little, if any, change to the high fat and salt content of their snacks, so even naturally, one must still snack with care.

    This will be coupled with an effort to use more electric trucks for transportation, but removing their Green but noisy Sun Chips bag (hopefully to be replaced with another green bag.)

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    Part of this effort was the biodegradeable bag that was used for SunChips for a while. The noisy biodegradeable bag was complained about by so many customers that it was taken off the shelves for all flavors except for Original. Frito-Lay did not want to scrap the biodegradeable bag, especially after its huge marketing campaign for the bag, and is currently developing another, less-noisy bag for their SunChips.

    The original, noisy sunchips bags even had Facebook pages dedicated to those who hated how loud they were, one titled “SORRY BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG.”

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    Hopefully they will be using organic natural ingredients as well – it’s great if they use “healthier” oil, but it won’t help as much if the potatoes or corn are treated with pesticides or if the corn is genetically modified. 

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