What is free energy?



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    Free energy is energy that is floating around just waiting to be captured. When the wind blows there is no harm in sticking a windmill up in front of it and capturing some of that energy… same goes for the sun, the tides, the flow of rivers and streams, traffic (there’s tremendous potential energy in a moving vehicle, why waste it by applying the breaks?—-why not convert that energy into motion for another source to use!—what I’m saying here is that instead of breaking in cars, we should be slowed by some mechanism which allows us to push some object or traveller to where it needs to go—it’s free energy, and it shouldn’t be wasted), the earth’s heated core, and even, I believe, gravity. Gravity is a constant force that should always be used to transport objects and people when we are moving downhill. I’ll tell you all about it if you have the opportunity to read my book (I need to get it published first)~!

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