What is the “Frankenstein bird” project at Duke University about?



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    The frankenstein bird project was started by a neuroscientist at Duke University named Erich Jarvis.  The goal of the project is to get a quail to learn how to sing.  A quail is a bird that does not sing, so Jarvis has attempted to replace part of its brain with that of a finches brain, a bird that does sing.  So far, the birds have not survived after hatching.

    photo credit: trahvis/flickr

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    Neuroscientist Erich Jarvis is heading up a project at Duke University that is attempting to create a cross a quail and a finch.  The purpose of this endeavor is to see if a non-singing bird can “learn” to sing.  So far all of the chicks that have been crossbred has died before hatching.  Scientists say this is most likely because the two species develop differently.  The research continues…

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