What is France doing for the environment?



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    France is the main producer of renewable energy in the EU (15% of the total production of the 25-member EU). France is moving closer to the goal of the Act of 13 July 2005, envisaging meeting 10% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2016. 2005 saw wind power energy production rise by 61% and biofuel production by 14%. In March 2005, France added a reference to the Environment Charter to the Preamble to her Constitution. In France, 78% of electricity is generated by nuclear energy4. In 20 years, thanks to nuclear power, EDF has substantially reduced its emissions of pollutants (70% reduction of nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide emissions over the period) which translates into an overall 30% cut in atmospheric pollution in France5. France’s nuclear power programme has reduced CO2 emissions by 40%.

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