What is fracking?



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    Fracking is blasting poisoned water into the earth to force out natural gas and oil.


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    Oil and gas companies drill wells. Then they take GOOD water and mix it with NOT GOOD stuff and blast it at high pressure into the well. Wastewater shoots up and is ‘stored’ for ‘eventural disposal.’

    Waste pits can tear, letting these cancer causing chemicals into the soil, the water , and the organisms. This can lead to explosions, dead livestock, and impotable water. Though they claim innocence, gas and oil companies don’t have to reveal what these chemicals are. 

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    Fracking, a shortened term for high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, is a drilling technology that extracts natural gas, oil, coal seam gas, or other substances from the ground. The drilling uses high-pressurized fluid, such as water, sand, and chemicals, to create channels in deep shale rock formations. Trapped gas is then released from these channels. While fracking has been put under much debate due to dangerous environmental and health impacts, it could potentially reduce our dependency on foreign fuel imports. It can also significantly reduce the national carbon dioxide emissions.

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