What is a “four letter word” to environmentalists?



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    If by four letter word you mean a dirty word for environmentalists, I’d say the word ‘mine’. A lot of the irresponsible behavior by people that environmentalists encounter are bred from a sense of entitlement from people who believe the world is at their disposal. Now that the earth is being threatened by climate change, people are beginning to see a world with limited resources and one that needs to be cared for and nurtured. Hopefully the attitude of ‘mine’ will change to ‘ours’ and a sense of responsibility is encouraged rather than consumption.

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    How about ‘coal’. That seems to be a very dirty word in the minds and hearts of environmentalists. Just it’s mention these days brings to mind the waste and environmental degradation of over-consumption of fossil fuels whereas it once symbolized jobs, energy and progress.

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    Can’t. The negativity of some who don’t believe that its worth any effort to preserve the environment because its too hard, too late, etc or the selfishness of consumers who are unwilling to give up their little luxuries to help the environment, claiming that they “can’t” do it. 

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    Okay this isn’t exactly four letters, but I’m going to have to go with ‘waste.’ As part of sustainability, there is an idea that we need to use everything as efficiently as possible. When things are wasted, they are simply left over to pile up. Irresponsible waste is a step back to becoming a ‘greener’ functioning society. 

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