What is Ford’s ‘convenience cord’ charger?



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    It is a charger for the Ford Focus Electric that can be carried in the car for on-the-go 120V charging. It is convenient because it can be carried in the car and has ergonomic features to make it comfortable to hold.

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    It is a cord for the Ford Focus Electric due out in late 2011, that will allow customers a new way to “fuel” their car – by plugging it in, as it is gas free.  Most people would be charging their car at home, but the Focus Electric will be able to recharge at remote locations with a standard 120v convenience cord.  Because many people will need to recharge their vehicle as many as four times a day – Ford wanted to make the experience a positive one.  The convenience cord is easy to use, will be 25 feet long so that it can reach the outlets without an extension cord and will have a designated spot in the trunk. 

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