what is a ford 429 police special eng. transmission and rear end worth 1972 year of partsType your question here…



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    The 429 is not the Police interceptor that is very common debated. The 429 was, however, popularized by the 1969 Ford Boss.

    The value of this engine, transmission, and rear end depend mainly on the condition that they are in. Does the motor and trans turn over or is it frozen? Same question for the rear end. Are they rusted or in need of repairs? The engine transmission and rear end all should be rebuilt if you were going to put them into a restored vehicle. This can be relatively inexpensive if the parts are in good shape. If they have been driven hard or neglected then then the value could be diminished.

    The best way to find the value of each part would be to search online and find the same parts with equal ware and tear. The price of these parts should give you an idea of the value of your parts. You could also get an estimate from a mechanic or automotive restoration company.

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