What foods should I keep from eating in restaurants to help the environment?



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    Meat is one of the least environmentally-friendly foods. Meat production wastes a large amount of fossil fuels. It is also a major source of fresh water. Over half the water in the United States goes toward meat production. Raising animals for food causes more CO2 emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Choosing a vegetarian option when you have a choice even once a day reduces the amount of emissions and environmental damage. You should also try to choose organic, locally-grown options whenever available.

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    The amount of carbon emissions from raising animals is debatable, although it is definitely up there. Studies have found that it is between 17% and 32% of all of our greenhouse gas emissions, so whether it is actually more than transportation emissions is questionable.

    Also note that if you are going to eat meat, chicken is better than beef, because the amount they have to feed chickens is much less per pound of meat than it is for cattle (5.5:1 as opposed to 21:1). This data comes from the book Diet From a Small Planet.
    So beef is the biggest one that I would avoid if I were you.

    Cited books are The Atlas of Food, by Erik Millstone and Tim Lang, and Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappe

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