what foods have the worst carbon emissions?



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    Cow meat is the food with the greatest carbon intensity; pig meat is about an order of magnitude less, and poultry is about an order of magnitude less than pig meat. Rice has a higher carbon intensity than poultry because it is grown in an anoxic conditions that produce methane. Fish has lower carbon intensity than most land protein sources – just make sure that you are eating fish from sustainable fisheries – but there’s an app for that šŸ˜‰

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    One thing to also keep in mind is all the carbon that has to go into meat as well.

    For meat, you have create the facilities to hold the livestock, grow and transport all the food, thenĀ transportĀ the cows themselves to the slaughter houses.

    The process of getting meat is just a lot more intensive that what people think. Ā 

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