What foods are highest in cholesterol?



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    The highest cholesterol foods are eggs and liver; the egg yolk alone contains 213 mg of cholesterol. Cholesterol comes from animals, so eating animals or animal products will mean that meal contains cholesterol, whereas fruits and vegetables do not contain any. Some other high cholesterol foods to be aware of are: butter, ice cream, shellfish, organ meats, whole milk products, duck, and goose. In addition to food that contains a lot of cholesterol by itself, food that is high in saturated fat also cause problems with people’s LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol). For health reasons, it is important to limit the intake of saturated fats as well, which are usually animal-based also. These foods are not labeled as “high cholesterol”, but they are just as important in regards to that health concern.

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    Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol consumed from eggs isn’t nearly as bad as was first thought. The human body also produces cholesterol and can adjust production as needed when dietary cholesterol spikes. In addition to dietary cholesterol, eggs contain good amounts of unsaturated fat and protein.

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