What food do bald eagles need to survive?



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    Bald eagles are scavengers, and can feed on the bodies of dead seals or deer. They can carry about four pounds, so fish under this weight are prey for bald eagles. These eagles, because they are scavengers, are known to make use of any available food source when food is scarce, and this includes stealing from other eagles and animals.

    Because they are predators with no natural predators of their own (save humans), this makes them susceptible toxins that enter their bodies through the bodies of their prey.

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    With their great eyesight and their ability to move quickly, eagles have gift for diving and catching fish with their sharp talons.  While they eat water fowl, smaller mammals and carrion, fish is the eagles main source of food.  Since they are small in body weight (usually less than 15 pounds), eagles tend to catch prey on the smaller side.  Although it has been noted that eagles have used their large wings as paddles when needed to bring heavier fish to the shore.  

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