What fish have the largest teeth for their size?



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    The Fangtooth fish is known to be the fish with the largest teeth relative to its body size in the world. 

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    One of my favorite fish with teeth is the Red Bellied Pacu. They are a close cousin to the Piranha, and look just like their blood-thirsty relatives. The catch with these guys is that they are mostly vegetarian. They have more squared off teeth and jaws that are more suited for nuts and fruits. Even with their gentle nature, their jaws and teeth are very strong. Fishermen in the Amazon have been known to use fruit as bait while fishing for these guys. 

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    The fangtooth fish has the largest teeth of any fish relative to its body size, however there are also some mighty mighty fish out there that have amazing teeth which are both terrifically sharp and eerily reminescent of mammalian dental setups, like the ever-terrifying tiger-fish.

    The link cited has a good list of the most horrifying fanged fish the ocean has to offer!

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