What fish has the most mercury in it?



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    According to the American heart association the fishes with the highest levels of Mercury are as follows (measurements in parts per million:

    Shark 0.99
    Swordfish 0.97
    Tilefish (golden bass or golden snapper) 1.45
    King mackerel 0.73
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    The US Food and Drug Administration reports that tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico has the highest mean mercury levels found in any fish at 1.450 ppm, a measurement of mercury concentration.  The maximum level of mercury found in this type of fish went up as high as 3.730 and as low as 0.650, tested from sixty samples. 

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    Large fish may be especially heavy carriers of mercury due to a process known as bioaccumulation.  Here’s a simple version: A small fish with a small amount of mercury is eaten by a medium fish.  The medium fish not only gains the mercury of the small fish, but also the mercury of other small fish it has eaten.  The medium fish is eaten by the large fish, who not only has the mercury of all the medium fish but all the mercury of the small fish as well.

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    All the fish feeding on the top of the water are the most exposed to mercury

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