What is the first thing I should teach my kids about environmental responsibility?



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    My personal feeling is that the first step is establishing a love of nature and a perception that it is important and valuable. This can be done by spending time outside, by discussing what things are and what their role in the natural world is (everything from dirt has nutrients for plants to leaves make plant food, etc). The second step is to make the connection between your actions and the natural world. It is important for children to value nature and understand their connections to it.

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    I would suggest teaching them how to respect the environment and educate them that their actions can affect wildlife and humans. Teaching them how to recycle and reuse would also be a prime topic to cover.

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    People are stewards of this planet and it is their responsibility to ensure its health for future generations. Most of the environmental problems we face today are caused by human activities and putting human desires above everything else. Some people wish to fulfill their own wants and desires regardless of what the impacts are. I would teach my child to respect the earth; we are not above anything on this planet in terms of importance. In fact we are dependant on the earth to provide for us, for food, shelter, and survival. We owe it to the earth to do everything we can to make it healthy, free of pollution, and a safe place for all of earth’s creatures.

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