What the favorite eco friendly meal you have ever eaten?



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    I just recently ate a raw vegan meal at Leaf Organics in L.A. The food was full of flavor although it had no dairy or meat and was not cooked in anyway. The cafe is run by a celebrity chef – Rod Rotondi who obviously knows how to cook well and therefore makes great combinations of flavors. Most everything on their menu sounded wonderful and nothing tasted artificial or fake. I think it would be a great cafe for anyone who is curious about vegan/ raw food, but is scared to try it. Their soft scoop ice cream is out of this work and tastes just like the real thing. The wonderful part is that Rod Rotondi has a book of recipes out so you can get his wonderful dishes at home too! It’s called Raw Food for Real People.

    Eating raw and vegan puts a lot less strain on the planet and its resources, so it’s a great way to play a role in protecting the planet. 

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    In most big cities you can find vegetarian buffets. A great location to find fresh vegetarian food is through your local chapter of the Hare Krishnas. Hare Krishnas are known to provide excellent vegetarian buffets that are hearty and delicious. Vegetarian meals are often considered eco-friendly because they reduce emissions that contribute to global warming. 

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