What is the fastest tuna species?



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    The Southern Blue Fin Tuna is not only the fastest species of tuna, but also one of the fastest fish in the ocean. They can grow up to nearly 900 pounds and 8 feet in length. They are truly extraordinary fish that are sadly in danger of extinction. They have been placed on Greenpeace’s “Red List” and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Avoid” list when it comes to consuming seafood.

    If you are familiar with “Whale Wars” (the Animal Planet television show), you may be curious in Sea Shepherds new expedition, “Operation Blue Rage”, an effort to save the Southern Blue Fin Tuna.  

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    The blue fin tuna is a marine creature that is built for high-speed swimming. While they can easily reach over 1000 pounds in weight they are one of the most “athletic” fish in the sea. Most of the time they will swim at a speed of around 10 MPH, and have the incredible stamina to do so for very long periods of time, sometimes even covering thousands of miles. When they are not pacing themselves they can be one of the fastest aquatic animals clocking in at 30 to 50 MPH. One site (elasmo-research.org) has a bluefin tuna recorded at 43.4 MPH.

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