What is the fastest species of primate?



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    Patas monkeys can run up to 35 miles per hour, making them the fastest primates.

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    The patas monkey is the fastest primate in the world. They can get up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. Because of their distinct color and running style, they are often mistaken for cheetahs. 

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    The Patas monkey is a very unqiue specimen in that not only are they the fastest primate around, groundspeed of about 35 mph, but that they unknowningly live their lives on a much faster scale than we are accustomed to.  By age two and a half, females are ready to reproduce, and at six months, babies are capable of living off on their own.  At one time a patas mother can be pregnant, nursing, and sheparding a juvenile.

    However, although these animals have lived to over 20 years in captivity, the group of mothers studied in this survey rarely lived past four years old, hence the necessity of early reproduction.

    One final unique fact, attributed to their mobility, is that the patas may travel upwards of 4-6 miles a day forraging.  The picture posted by ‘tristan’ shows their stature to be much more focused on a life spent running along the plains rather than swinging in the trees of a sub-tropic jungle. 

    Doesn’t that moustache look fast?

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