What is the fastest snake?



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    The world’s fastest snake (on land) also happens to be one of the most deadly. The Black Mamba, which lives in southern and eastern Africa, has been seen slithering at speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour. For reference, the average human running speed is, generously, between 12 and 15 mph.

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    The Black Mamba is the world’s fastest snake, and it is native to the southern part of Africa.  It has been recorded to reach speeds of 12 mph (by moving with its head and first 1/3 of its body off the ground), although it cannot maintain such a fast pace for very long.  Rather, the Black Mamba uses short bursts of speed to overtake its prey.  The snake is a dark grey color, and can grow to be up to 14 ft long.

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