What is the fastest moving star?



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    The fastest moving star in our sky is Barnard’s Star in Ophiuchus: it has the highest known proper motion. This is mainly because it’s one of the closest stars to the Sun. The fastest moving planet is Mercury, it takes only 88 days to orbit the sun at speeds of 50km per second.

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    High proper motion does not necessarily mean high speed. For instance, Bernard’s Star is moving at relatively the same speed as surrounding stars. However, while most stars are circling the center of our galaxy in the same direction, Bernard’s Star is moving in an entirely different direction, almost perpendicular to the movement of other stars. This gives it a higher proper motion than other stars (proper motion measures a star’s movement in the sky relative to the sun).

    One star noted for its tremendous speed is Rx-J0822-4300, a neutron star originating near the debris of the Puppis-A supernova. The star is currently careening through our galaxy at speeds of 3 million miles per hour, and is moving so fast it’s expected to eventually leave the Milky Way. It’s departure won’t be for another few million years however – in the 3,700 years since its birth, its traversed just 20 light years.

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