What is the fastest moving species of dog?



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    While the greyhound is commonly thought to be the fastest dog breed, the World Almanac Book says differently.  They have the cape hunting dog running at 45 MPH, while the greyhound only ran up to 39.35 MPH.  Although, the Encyclopedia Britannica Online states that greyhounds can run up to 45 MPH.  Clearly this is a controversial subject, but the two fastest breed of dogs are clearly the greyhound and the cape hunting dog.

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    There’s actually some speculation that a dog called the Saluki is faster than the Greyhound. They are closely related and look very similar to Greyhounds but they have even longer legs and often has long silky hair. The fastest Saluki has been clocked at 80 kmh which is 10km faster than the Greyhound. 

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