What is the fastest metastasizing cancer?



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    The rate at which cancer spreads does not only depend on what type of cancer it is, but also on variables in each individual case. That said, the fastest metastasizing cancer is generally thought to be malignant melanoma. Commonly known as skin cancer, malignant melanoma arises from excessive exposure to UV rays. It can result from use of tanning beds and from sun exposure. So make sure to wear sunscreen (preferably an eco-friendly one)!

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    The fastest metastasizing cancer is malignant melanoma which is a form of skin cancer and although ultraviolet radiation clearly plays a roll, especially for fair-skinned people, not all melanomas are due to UV radiation exposure.  Other risk factors are:
    having 50-100 or more moles
    having unusual looking moles that are typically larger in size
    blood relatives who have had melanoma
    an immune system weakness due to disease, organ transplant or medication
    already had a melanoma or another skin cancer
    being 50 years of age or older
    It’s important to have anything suspicious examined by a dermatologist in order to detect and treat melanoma early, which if caught early, can lead to a surgical removal with a cure rate of viturally 100 percent.

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    Valkyrie and pperlin are correct; I just wanted to point out that Colorado has one of the highest death rates from skin cancer in the country.  See the map in the article linked below to find your state.

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