What is the fastest growing species of chicken?



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    This question is surprisingly difficult to answer. It’s partly because farmers aren’t just interested in the ones that grow most quickly, they want ones that grow quickly and  taste good. (And are easy to raise, avoid disease, etc. And there’s a distinction drawn between chickens that are for meat or to lay eggs.)

    There’s a lot of difference of opinion. One person says Egyptian Fayoumis, another says generally X breeds, another Indian Game, another a GOOD strain of Delawares, and several people point out that, pragmatically, the chicken industry uses Cornish.

    This all clearly depends on experiences and assumptions. Although I picked sources that were clear about their reasoning, in no way did they describe completely what was going on with them.

    If you are trying to raise chickens, the implication is clear: Contact some local group that raises chickens, and get their advice for your own local conditions.

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