What is the fastest growing renewable energy in the world?



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    The fastest growing renewable energy is resoundingly wind power.  Between 2000 and 2006, worldwide wind power production quadrupled.  In the U.S. it multiplied by 6.5x between 2001 and 2008.  Over 40% of Spain’s energy comes from wind power.  The wind power craze is only going to keep getting larger as technology becomes better.  Norway is planning on lining its coastline with offshore wind turbines to provide power to Europe.  There are no emissions, so other than aesthetics, there is really no complaint to them, and most people actually like the look of wind turbines.

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    Geothermal energy is the fastest growing energy in the world. In a study conducted by the Geothermal Energy Association, 24 countries are using geothermal power with 70 more countries developing the energy. Check out the link for more information.  

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