What is the fastest growing green job field?



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    I would have to say solar energy.  Solar Thermal Installers in particular are one of the fastest growing green jobs in the United States.  In this line of work, you install all kinds of solar powered heating systems like solar powered water heating systems, or installing solar panels on the tops of houses.  A Bachelor’s Degree isn’t necessary to get a job doing it, and it pays a pretty good starting salary (around $33,000/yr).  You can travel, and work outdoors, or work as a contractor if you like. 

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    According to a report distributed by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, the top five green jobs are: Environmental Educator, Environmental Engineer, Heating and Cooling Installer, Arborist, and Mechanical Engineer. The entire field is experiencing incredible growth, to the tune of a $1.5 trillion increase in the next 10 years. Needless to say, these 5 positions do not constitute an exhaustive list – there are many, many lucrative and expanding green professions.

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    Fastest growing fields are environmental education, mechanical engineering, organic agriculture, residential and commercial climate control, and people with experience in cost analysis.

    Other green jobs to consider are forester, solar power installer, energy efficiency builder, wind turbine fabricator, conservation biologist, green MBA and entrepreneur, recycler, sustainability systems developer, and urban planner.

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    According to an article from the Green Careers Guide, the top five careers are teaching, environmental engineer, heating and cooling installer, arborist and mechanical engineer. These are not only jobs that are paying well but they are jobs that are seeing significant growth in the future. As the economy continues to dwindle a job sector seeing consistent growth is an excellent sign. Engineering also offers an excellent option as cars are being given such an extensive makeover to be more environmentally friendly. Engineers are necessary to make the jump to a more environmentally conscious industrial world.

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    I think organic agriculture is.  It not only makes the environment sustainable, but also sustains human.

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