What is the fastest growing country?



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    In terms of the fastest growing economies of 2011 here is your breakdown:

    Country: GDP Growth Rate:

    1. Ghana 20.146%

    2. Qatar 14.337%

    3. Turkmenistan 12.178%

    4. China 9.908%

    5. Libera 9.003%


    Other notables in the top 10 are India at 8.43%, Iraq at 7.873%, and Ethiopia at 7.663%.  Half of the top ten economies of 2011 are African nations and almost a third are from the Far East.  These countries, relatively young out of conflict, civil war, and still facing extreme poverty, are finally coming into the hands of their first democratic governments and seeing a political stability that in some cases hasn’t ever been established.  The relationships between these growing economies can be seen as bilateral.  As China has brought itself to the forefront of infrastructure production it now stands in a place to offer developing African nations with technology and supplies for their emerging governments.  This in turn will be traded for natural resources and farmland to provide for the booming Chinese population.

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