What is the fastest charging type of battery?



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    MIT has developed a nanotech alternative to the traditional battery, the LEES (Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems) ultracapacitor.  It has the potential to replace traditional batteries in most of the products we use, from mp3 players to automobiles, and are said to have recharging times inside a minute, along with a smaller and lighter battery.  We can see LEES ultracapacitors in as little as five years, according to the citation below.

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    Toshiba produces an ultra-fast charging lithium battery that can charge 80% of its energy capacity in one minute.  It also has a very long life, and only loses 1% capacity every 1000 charges.  It is used to power electric vehicles, but smaller versions may be released in the future that can be used for you cell phone, camera, or laptop.

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