What is the fastest breed of turtle?



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    Green sea turtles are generally considered to be the fastest breed of turtles, swimming at 9 m/s. However, a Pacific Leatherback turtle has been recorded swimming at 22 mph, being the fastest reptile recorded. Pacific Leatherback turtles can reach speeds of 9.8 m/s.

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    The fastest speed recorded of a sea turtle was a frightened Pacific Leatherback Turtle crusing at 22mph. This is actually the fastest recorded speed of any reptile. (Guinness Book of Records, 1992)

    Land tortoises are very slow, they walk about half a mile an hour.

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    I would have to agree with pperlin that Green sea turtles and pacific leatherback turtles are the fastest breeds of turtles. The reason behind this is that the muscles that develop in their bodies have a large concentration of fast-twitch cells that are specialized in fast “jolts” of energy that can propel these turtles to swim very quickly when they need to.

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