What Fast Food Restaurant uses the most energy?



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    If you mean what fast food company uses the most energy, the answer is pretty easy: McDonald’s, which has a 19% market share in the $120 billion fast food industry. That’s far ahead of its next major competitor, Burger King, which is doing it “your way” with a paltry 2%. Given the sheer number of McDonald’s locations, both directly operated and franchised (over 32,000), I don’t think there’s any question that McDonald’s is the single largest energy consumer in the fast food market.

    If you mean what individual fast food location uses the most energy, I couldn’t find a specific statistic for that, but I would hazard a guess that it’s the McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida which is billed as the “world’s largest McDonald’s.” The main draw for this 2-story monstrosity appears to be the extensive playground facilities for children, but a restaurant so large probably serves more food per capita than any other McDonald’s outlet worldwide, and thus is a good candidate for the single largest user of energy in the McDonald’s chain. This is just a supposition, however.

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