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What is difficulties of farmers?



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    That’s a pretty broad topic! But while farmers will encounter different issues within their respective geographies, they certainly share similar struggles across regions.

    One of the biggest difficulties for farmers everywhere has been the growth of agrobusiness and the industrialization of the food system. Globally, we are producing more food than we ever have. But this does not mean that everyone is being fed OR that farmers are wealthier than they ever have been. In fact, the agricultural population in developing nations is decreasing, and those who continue to farm are struggling. These are primarily the small farmers, who cannot compete with the intensive, high-yield methods of industrial agriculture.

    Even large scale industrial farmers face issues, however. Most of them are now beholden to the companies that fertilize their fields, that manufacture their seeds. The idea of patenting genetically modified seeds has transformed the art of growing food into a business practice. While these biotechnologies DO manage to produce greater yields, they come at the price of more chemical inputs and less value for local knowledge of land and ecology. The technologies are also quite expensive. In both developed and developing nations, this throws farmers into debt and sometimes into the severest forms of depression. Farmer suicides in India receive some news coverage from time to time, but the fact is that this phenomenon exists all over the world–including the wealthiest, most well-fed regions.

    Citation: (and really, this is a great read! check it out!)
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