What is Fair Trade?



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    Fair Trade is a term used in the sale of products that strive for sustainability with an emphasis on social justice. This movement combines free-market basics with education and support for farmers and producers in developing countries. Fair Trade products generally cost more than their competitors; the reason being that the producers of these goods (those living in developing countries) are given honest compensation- hence the name. Supporters of the Fair Trade movement aim to raise both social and environmental standards simultaneously through the sale of these goods to the general public. 

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    The World Fair Trade Organization lists ten standards of fair trade that organizations must follow to ensure their principles are upheld. They are:

    1. Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
    2. Transparency and accountability
    3. Generous trading practices
    4. Payment of a fair price
    5. No child or forced labor
    6. Non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association
    7. Safe and healthy working conditions
    8. Encourage building of capacity
    9. Promotion of fair trade
    10. Minimized impact on the environment

    For explanations of each point, see the link to the WFTO’s website, below.

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    Just as an aside, it’s worth noting that not all fair trade products are certified organic (although nearly half of all fair trade products are).  For a comprehensive list of fair trade products available in the United States, including associated manufacturers and retail locations, see here. Also, if you see this logo on a product within the United States:

    and this logo on a product globally:

    it’s fair trade certified.

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