What factors have changed our energy usage?



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    Increased availability and importance of electronic devices in our daily lives has increased our energy use dramatically over the past 50 years. Things such as televisions and computers have created uses for electricity that once didn’t exist, while appliances like dishwashers and electric knives have made electricity necessary for tasks which once didn’t require electricity at all.

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    Also, nowadays people have at least 3 TV’s in their homes compared to 50 years ago when there was only one TV. Also, XBOX and PlayStation rack in on the energy. The bigger the home the more electric appliances it will have!

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    On the other side of the coin, however, with the recession people have to cut down on their energy usage. Additionally, more energy star appliances and more efficient electronics have been developed and have been very successful. We may have more things to use electricity but we’ve become a little more conscious both on their environmental and economical impacts. It’s an interesting paradox but one that is worth being aware of.5

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