What is FACES of Coal?



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    The Federation for American Coal, Energy, and Security, also known as the FACES of Coal, is a group created to educate lawmakers and the public about the importance of coal mining and how it is (supposedly) crucial to energy security. In its mission statement, the group claims they aim to ‘preserve our environment by promoting good stewardship of our natural resources’ and ‘protect our nation’s security and tradition of self-reliance through the use of coal.’

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    FACES was launched in 2009 and as yet their website does not list the people behind it. The images used to portray a “homegrown” feeling are suspected to come from iStockPhoto, a free photo share website. They have featured a profile for a year of an allegedly pro-mountaintop mining person who says that mountains are more visually pleasing when mined. According to FACES is tied to a Washington lobbyist group and more than likely is not made up of anyone in the local communities. Toting “job creation” as the principle behind coal mining, coal is becoming more and more of an automated industry, and the jobs held peaked in the 1950s.

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