What fabrics should I look for when buying clothes? I can’t always find bamboo or hemp in the styles I need…



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    Shop at second-hand, consignment or thrift stores. The fabrics are already in existence: you aren’t supporting industries that damage the environment, instead reusing what already exists. There are no shortage of styles available at most thrift stores: if you live in a bike-friendly area or in an area with a good public transit system, take advantage of those resources while shopping to reduce your carbon footprint more.
    If you’re worried about cleanliness, wash the clothes when you get home.

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    I second malc89! My best outfits were bought at Goodwill. Even better, by choosing charity shops, you are supporting a good cause AND keeping clothing out of the landfill.

    Another option, if it is within your budget, is to take up knitting, crocheting, and/or sewing and make your own clothes. Provided you do your homework and buy sustainable, fair trade yarn/fabric, needles, and/or hooks, your money will not be supporting unethical practices. Plus, you can unleash your hidden talents and create your own unique styles!

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