What is the expected lifespan of our sun?



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    The sun is expected to survive for another 5 billion years.  It is now 5 billion years old.  We have plenty of time before this big guy is going away!

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    The sun is going to last for a very very long time. It will last for another 5 billion years. 

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    The Sun may last for another 5 billion years, however, some scientists believe it will only support life for another 500,000 years. This is because the Sun is believed to be getting hotter, and thus will reach a temperature not suitable for human life. At the end of its life span, the Sun is predicted to become a red giant and essentially engulf Earth.

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    It’s expected that the sun will last another 5 billion years. Scientists believe that in 5 billion years from now, the sun will have used so much hydrogen that it will make it much larger than it is now. It’s also believed that the sun will not be able to function as it once did, and instead swallow up planets such as Earth, Venus, and Mercury.

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    The sun is about five billion years old. That being said, it’s thought to be at the halfway point of its lifespan. When it reaches ten billion years of age, it will grow close to one hundred times bigger than it is as it runs out of hydrogen. Then it will shrink to a white dwarf and become the size of the earth. After this phase, it will begin to cool down.

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