What is exhibited in the National Postal Museum?



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    The National Postal Museum has rotating philatelic (stamp) collection from some of the stamp collections in world, but has much more. As part of the Smithsonian, the museum houses a number of permanent exhibits that explain the history of the postal service and mail. And shows the importance of letters to human communication. Including letters from soldiers at war and more. And a stamp album that belonged to John Lennon.

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    The National Postal Museum has a variety of exhibits that showcase America’s postal history from colonial times to the present. There is also a vast display of stamps.

    Among others, exhibits include “Binding the Nation,” which explains the postal system through the early 1900s, “Moving the Mail,” which shows advances in postal technology, and ” The Art of Cards and Letters,” which personalizes the use of mail, including some letters sent by soldiers at war time.

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