What is an example of a recessive trait?



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    A recessive trait is a trait that must appear in both parents for their child to inherit it. In humans, blue eyes is a common example.

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    All genes in the gene pool are the result of the combination of dominant and/or recessive alleles.  Some genes are made up of just one allele combination (1 allele contributed from each parent), while some genes are the result of combinations of multiple alleles.  Examples of genes that are recessive in humans are the genes for blue eyes and/blonde hair.  

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    A recessive trait must be inherited from both parents, but that doesn’t mean it will be visible in both parents.

    For example, two parents with brown eyes (a dominant trait) can have a child with blue eyes if both of them carry one copy of the eye color gene which codes for blue eyes and one copy of the eye color gene that codes for brown eyes. Since brown eye color is dominant, both parents eyes will be brown, but for each parent there is a 50% chance they will pass on the blue eye color gene to their child instead of the brown eye color gene. If both parents pass on the blue eye color gene, which will happen 25% of the time (50% * 50%), their child will have two copies of the version of the eye color gene that code for blue eyes and none that code for brown eyes, and their baby will have blue eyes. 

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