What is an example of an organic mattress?



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    An organic mattress would use natural and organic materials in it and not synthetics.

    The Organic Mattress store has many organic mattress options with 100% natural rubber latex and organic cotton.

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    An organic mattress is made from all organic materials. These can be cotton, wool, and or natural latex. Most conventional mattresses are made with toxic chemicals and synthetic fabrics.

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    A organic mattress comes from the organic industry. A organic mattress is made from organic all natural rubber, organic cotton and organic wool.  They do not contain any chemical flame retardants or petroleum oil.  In sharp contrast synthetic mattress comes from the Urethane industry.

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    An example of an organic mattress is a FloBeds mattress. They are made out of 100% organic fabrics. For instance, they use 100% natural organic latex from the rubber tree. They also use 100% organic cotton and wool that is harvested from sheep that are outside all year round.

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    In order to get a true organic mattress it has to be certified organic on three levels. First, the raw materials used for the mattress; cotton, wool, latex must be certified organic. In addition, the closer the raw materials are to the manufacturer the lower the carbon footprint will be.

    Second, the manufacturing process must be organic. Many companies produce their “organic mattress” in a factory that also produces non-organic mattresses. This doesn’t make much sense because of the risk of cross contamination of chemicals into the organic mattress is likely and the finished product can no longer be considered organic. This leads us to the third level of organic certification…the finished product.

    The finished product must certified organic. This insures the manufacuring process did not contaminate the mattress. In our opinion this is the only way you can be sure you have a truly organic mattress.

    So the answer to the question is Organicpedic Mattresses. These mattresses made by OMI are 100% organic. From the raw materials used to manufature the mattress, to the manufacturing process used to make the finished product. Omi Mattress is the first mattress factory in north America that has been certified to be 100% organic.

    On top of all the organic certifications, OMI also has a “purity guarantee” that confidently states that if you can find a mattress purer than theirs they will give theirs for free.

    If you’re looking for a mattress store in San Jose or the surrounding Bay Area that carries these organic mattresses you can visit the Urban Sleep Store website.

    To read more about OMI mattress you can visit their website by using the second link.

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