what is an example of a large business changing their operations to be more green?



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    One example is Whole Foods. The grocery bags they provide are paper Рhence more biodegradable than plastic. WF also gives customers a $.10 rebate if they choose not to take a bag. Starbucks uses sleeves made with recycled paper. 

    Xerox has an entire page dedicated to going green: http://www.office.xerox.com/small-business/tips/going-green/enus.html

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    Remember that a lot of businesses want to appear as being green, but really do not give a ****. Take McDonalds for instance. It is changing the logo behind the McDonalds signs to green instead of yellow to make itself appear more green. However, McDonalds has done nothing for the environment and like most companies could care less about it. 

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    Many businesses are starting to encourage the use of emailing online documents as opposed to using traditional mail. This cuts their use of paper and saves some trees while also saving the business money. 

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