What is an example of Irradiated food



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    Irradiated food (food that has been exposed to radiation to kill germs, etc) is found in all types foods-fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, wheat flour, white potatoes, pork and herbs and spices.  Not all poultry or all fruits and vegetables is going to be irradiated, just certain ones.

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    Theres all kinds of irradiated food found in the market. In the US, irradiated foods products can range from fresh fruit to dehydrated spices to ground meat products. 

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    Irridatiated food is food that has been exposed to low levels of radiation in order to kill off potentially harmful microorganisms (bacterias, microbes, fungi etc).  There are no restrictions on the type of food that can be irradiated – common examples include poultry, berries, citrus fruits, and grain products.

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