What is an example of how science is used to mimic natural ecosystems?



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    Well, artificially there are exhibits in museums across the planet that replicate natural systems, such as the Rainforest Room at the California Academy of Sciences: http://www.calacademy.org/academy/exhibits/rainforest/

    And similarly, plenty of examples of restoration efforts in rainforests (e.g. http://www.unatazacompartida.org/A_Shared_Cup/Rainforest_Restoration.html, although there are plenty of other cases).

    Ecology is by no means a new science, and people have been studying natural environments for plenty of years in order to better understand their circumstances. Restoration is one of the primary ways science is used to mimic natural environments (since it is, essentially, attempting to replace the ecosystem that once existed in that location), although many instances of wetland mitigation, sustainable agriculture, etc. all require knowledge of the local natural habitat in order to best reach environmental efficiency when planning any type of environmental effort.

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    One example of how science is used to mimic natural ecosystem is through the construction of biodomes. These biodomes are artificially controlled adjusting for temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors specific to the climate of the biome it is representing. An example of a biodome used today, where people can visit is the Montreal Biodome. This biodome includes four artificially controlled biomes including a tropical forest, laurentian forest, St. Lawrence marine ecosystem, and a Artic and Antarctic biome. About 4,800 animals and 750 plants can be found at the Montreal Biodome.

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