What is an example of sustainable housing?



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    Sustainable housing focuses on increasing the efficiency of using resources such as energy, water, and other natural materials while reducing impacts on human health and the environment during the building process. This is achieved through better design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Sustainable housing covers different areas such as making sure that sustainable energy systems are present. An example of this would be the installation of solar panels that can provide both heat and energy. Sustainable housing also involves the installation of eco-friendly applications such as LED bulbs and EnergyStar rated appliances. Conservation and pollution control is also an important matter. This makes sure that the use of resources are maximized so that little waste as possible is produced.

    A quite popular example of sustainable housing is Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Program, which is a project that aims to build 150 sustainable homes over 14 square blocks in New Orleans, to help those badly affected by hurricane Katrina. At the moment, the project is well on its way. A tour of some of the homes built are available here: http://www.greendaily.com/2007/12/13/a-tour-of-brad-pitts-new-orleans-eco-friendly-houses

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    The best of sustainable housing is that that minimises the removal of already existing vegetation and incorporates in it the planting of about ten trees to one tree removed. The housing should also include the placing of ornamental plants at the balconies, in the living rooms and prohibit the use of non- ecofriendly materials and chemicals.

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