What is an example of a green toy?



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    A soccer ball, or other sports equipment that has a lot of reuse value. Since being “green” is the in thing now many companies are rushing to proclaim how green they are. If you want to know specifics about a toy I would recommend looking at the company’s website. I would also recommend buying local if possible, the toys themselves might not be greener but by buying local you can be fairly certain you aren’t supporting child/slave labor. Also buying local reduces how much carbon is emitted in the transportation of the toy from creation to purchase.

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    You buy toys from a company that specializes in creating green toys. For example, Planet Happy Toys makes sustainable childrens toys. They sell a wide variety of toys including books, blocks, and costumes. You can even search their website for recycled, natural, or organic toys specifically.

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    greentoys.com also sells green toys. They are called green for two main reasons:

    1) The toys are made from recycled milk cartons.

    2) All components and raw material of the toy are made in California. This reduces the waste from pollutions greatly since nothing is being brought from overseas.

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