What is an example of a good preservation program in a city?



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    As strange as this sounds, Toledo, Ohio (my hometown) actually has a very good system.  We have these things called Metroparks. 

    These are large parks that are contained right in the city limits!  These are not your neighborhood parks, they are a couple square miles and are left totally natural. They have trees, creeks, prairies, and they are  100% protected!  I think this is a great system, that I honestly have not seen in any other city.  The other thing that is so cool, is how many we have.  We have 11 of these parks, one which is Oak Openings, which is on the Natural Wonders list in America because it naturally contains  a forest, swamp, prairie, and sand dune within a couple miles span. 

    Some other efforts Toledo has is free recycling (everyone in the city gets recycling, and then the city just gets the money from it) and we have OZone action days. 

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