What is an example of an eco friendly breakfast?



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    An eco friendly breakfast would probably be vegetarian. It would have foods that were organic and were from sustainable sources, such as organic eggs and fruit. Its probably made at home and not bought from outside.

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    I do not believe an eco-friendly breakfast neccesarilly has to be vegetarian. If the animal is not raised in a CAFOS farm, which are known breading grounds for potential deadly diseases, not to mention the animals are pumped full of harmfull antibiotics that should not be eaten.

    I do agree that a home grown breakfast would be more environmentally friendly because you wouldn’t have to drive to the store and buy prepackaged foods which contribute to excess garbage in the world. If you want to go all out, try cooking your eggs on a hot rock or over an open fire instead of using a gas or electric stove. 

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    There are several options if you’re looking to make an eco-friendly breakfast.  Any organic meat or sausage can be paired nicely with some organic eggs.  Organic animal products are processed in a humane way, which is something you can feel good about.  For a vegetarian option, try slow-cooked oatmeal that has gone through little manufacturing and processing – which is also good for the environment.  If you want to add some eco-friendly fruit on the side, try buying produce that is only local and in season such as strawberries in the spring/summer and apples in the fall.  

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    An eco-friendly breakfast should contain unpackaged, natural and whole foods like fruits, veggies, legumes, eggs and whole grains like oats, millet, wheat berries. Homemade baked goods like banana bread, oatmeal scones, cinnamon rolls are also more eco-friendly and cheaper. Likewise for homemade coffee and tea. Strive for simple ingredients and variety. 

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