What is an example of a celebrity that is actually living the green lifestyle?



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    Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Brad Pitt are all good examples. They use their celebrity in a positive light be spreading awareness on various environmental issues. But most importantly, they live by what they preach by actually living green. DiCaprio has had “his own eco-site to inform others of environmental issues since 2000 and has been a Board Member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Global Green USA since 2004.” He is also famous for pioneering the documentary the 11th Hour and for starrng in politically charged films such as Blood Diamond.

    Cameron Diaz had a show called Trippin’ which takes viewers on eco-adventures to endangered habitats worldwide. She has also taken a leadership position in the Environmental Media Association (EMA), an organization that leverages the influence of media personalities to advance conservation and sustainable living. Finally, Brad Pitt and his Make It Right foundation which aims to rebuild homes in New Orleans which were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina by means of using sustainable design.


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    Another celebrity that lives a green life is Ed Beagley Jr. He has a very sustainable home with solar for electricity and solar for water and he gives speeches at many environmental conferences.

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