what exactly is dust?



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    Dust is made out of small particles of almost everything — in your house, this is probably human skin/hair, mold, pollen, wood, fabric, vegetable/plant matter, food waste, paper fiber, and various other things. Human beings and other objects shed particles and these collectively form the dust that so quickly covers areas in our homes, on our streets, and everywhere else. 

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    Dust mites are also part of dust and live off dead skin cells. They look kind of scary, but are very very tiny, and unless you have allergies or asthma, are pretty harmless and just part of life.


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    Dust is defined as any solid particle no larger than 500 micrometers (which is about the size of…a speck of dust) and contains human and animal skin, insect parts, hair, cloth fibers, …basically tiny, mini versions of whatever kind of environment the dust in in. Sawmill = sawdust, etc. According to the Environmental Health and Safety Online (EHSO) is that the “average human sloughs off 1/3 ounce (10 grams) of dead skin a week.” Ten grams is about two nickels. Mmm.

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