What exactly in concise but thorough terms is radiation and chemotherapy for someone who is diagnosed with cancer?



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    Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment in which radiation is used with surgical precision to kill cancerous cells while leaving as many healthy cells intact as possible. Chemotherapy is a procedure in which a cancer patient is injected with what is essentially a nonlethal dose of poison, intended to kill cancerous cells.

    Because cancer is made up of human cells that have become “corrupt” into constantly growing even when it would be hazardous to the human for them to do so, anything capable of killing a cancer cell is also deadly to a healthy human cell. However, cancerous growth requires the cancer to “hijack” blood and nutrients from the body, therefore in a cancer’s uncontrolled need for growth, it will happily “overdose” on any harmful substance in the patient’s bloddstream while healthy cells will attempt to fight the poison.

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