What exactly are invasive species?



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    Invasive species are flaura or fauna that are typically not native to an area and in turn adversly affecting the surrounding habitats. They can also be native species that have simply dominated an environment. In either case, the term invasive species implies that economic and or environmental harm is caused. 

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    Invasive species, also known as “invasive exotics,” or “introduced species,” are organisms introduced from a different region. They adversely affect the habitats they are introduced to, often replacing native organisms in their ecological niches. This has a negative impact on biodiversity, as the more successful invasive will often completely replace the natives.

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    Invasive species can heavily disrupt an ecosystem. An invasive species can lower biodiversity by increasing competition with other organisms for the same resources. Invasive predatory species can hunt certain prey to almost extinction because they have no known defense against a predator they have never come in contact before. 

    Some examples of invasive species are:

    1. The brown tree snake. This snake native to Australia was introduced to Guam accidentally in the 1950s. This snake alone has caused the extinction of 3 out of 4 seabirds, 9 out of 13 forest birds, and 3-5 reptile species on Guam. 

    2. Nile Perch. This fish was introduced to Lake Victoria in the 1950s to help increase fish yield. This fish helped cause the extinction of 200+ endemic fish species either through predation or through competition over the same resources. 

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    2 popular invasive species in the United States are the cane toad and the Eurpean starling.

    The cane toad can overpower the native species, and is very posionous to birds and mammals.

    The Eurpean starling also hurts native species populations, but also damages crops and their droppings cost millions of dollars to clean up every year

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