What everyday items help contribute to climate change or help reduce its effects?Type your question here…



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    Lightbulbs are a great way to reduce global climate change by reducing energy consumption.  Rather than buying incandescent bulbs, consumers can buy fluorescent or LED bulbs.  LED bulbs are the most efficient bulbs on the market, they can use as little as 1/30th the energy of an incandescent bulb.

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    Re-using glass jars (or anything for that matter) is a great way to reduce the amount of pollution from the factories that make them. Recycling anything takes more energy than simply re-using it, so before throwing anything away, think carefully about all the things that it could be used for. You might be surprised what you can do with a bunch of junk! Plastic bags can also be re-used in astounding ways. My roommate freshman year would cut up plastic bags into long strips and then crochet them into the most amazing things you ever saw!

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    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as well and things like plastic baggies and Tupperware could easily be replaced. Instead of using these things for storing food, you might get some glass containers with lids (like airtight jars) from a thrift store. Also, lots of people use glass bottles with screw tops instead of buying water bottles. I’ve seen people use vinegar bottles and reused beer bottles that came with an airtight seal. Surely you could buy items like these, but reusing them would cut down more production and transportation energy. 

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    Energy efficient windows help to lower the heating and cooling costs of your home, which also helps combat climate change. Driving a hybrid or not driving at all will also save a lot of gasoline and reduce the amount of fossil fuels in the atmosphere. In terms of items that are still harmful, I’d probably say that bottled water remains popular and not healthy for the environment. Using a Brita filter and your own re-useable container is the better route to go. 

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      It is true. What alternative is there when you don’t own the property? what could someone do about a really cold place with high ceilings instead of turning on the heater in addition to blankets? I live in a place where without a car it is very difficult to do everyday activities because transportation is lousy. Every has different and variable schedule so car pulling is out of the question, and the only car that I can afford is the one that I have ’96 (6 cylinders 18m/gal). About that aspect, the only thing it occurs to me is to plan very carefully my trips and having good air level for tires. Thank you for your comments.

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